How to Perk Up Your Party with Bubble Machine

How to Perk Up Your Party with Bubble Machine

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I have given away many birthday parties in my life, for both children and adults. By planning well in progress and having everything on hand a few days before, except the perishable food, you will be more stress-free and would be able to embark upon the last minute crazies that are unavoidable, when giving a party.

Birthday party invitations launch the bells ringing and set the mood. Send them out at least two weeks before the occasion, three weeks in advance for adult parties. For a touch of pizzazz, add a dust of birthday confetti in each envelope; a small sprinkle is plenty and not enough to cause panic over the mess. Make a guest list first, then a party checklist, organise your party supplies and move from there. A party requirement checklist is also helpful.

Children parties are a lot more casual and fun. All you require is some great birthday party games, kid-friendly food, party favours, decorations and an enthusiastic crowd.

Kids live and love for party treats. With a little imagination, you can send little guests home, with a treasured token and a warm-hearted remembrance of the birthday of your child. One of my favourite contemporary ideas is a personalised chocolate bar, inclusive of the name and date of birth of the birthday kid. All the kids will love them, and you can save one as a memento of the party. A further great party good turn idea for all ages is Personalised M&M s. You can have M&M s tailored with the name and picture of the birthday honouree and choose from a variety of fun containers.

One of my preferred birthday decorating ideas is to chuck wrapped candy and birthday confetti all over the food table or just down the centre. It is fun for children or adult parties, and your guests will love it.

A new very fun-fashion and very cool is to have a chocolate fountain set up with cut fruit, berries, marshmallows, cookies and anything else you can imagine of that would be good, dipped in luscious chocolate. This works wonders for both kids and adults parties. Chocolate fountains can be set up at the dessert table, on the main food table or stand-alone in a place of credit. Guests will merge and have a blast dipping goodies in overwhelming flowing chocolate.

A bubble Maker at the birthday party is tons of fun for little and bigger kids, too: The bubble machine is just great - set it up and let it amuse the munchkins by blowing bubbles all day long. It is especially perfect for an outdoor party, but is also good enough for indoors.

Better yet, have single use birthday party cameras on all the tables and provide enough, so guests can take pictures at random. You will get the very best pictures, and your child will have the best photo recollections of his/her party.

If you’re looking for a bubble machine to perk up your party, we suggest you get the one from My Bubble Machine. It is designed to be able to produce 500 bubbles/minute. With simple operation, you can just push the button to turn it on and off.

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